About me

I was born in Lerwick in 1954 and have lived and worked in Shetland all my life. I am married to Linda, we have three grown up children and a grandson and we have lived in Quarff since 1993.

In my younger days I worked in the building trade, as well as the Nature Conservancy Council (now Scottish Natural Heritage) as a summer warden.  I also spent a couple of winters as a fisherman at the whitefish seine net and pelagic purse net.

Following on from that I worked for twenty-two years with BP at Sullom Voe, beginning as a jetty operator and ending my time on site as a Shift Team Leader.  During those years I covered every aspect of the site including power generation and operations.  For the past five years I have worked as a freelance photographer.

From early 2008 I have chaired a community group called Sustainable Shetland, which now has over 800 members.  It grew out of opposition to the proposed Viking Energy wind farm and aspires to achieving a sustainable, environmentally sympathetic future for Shetland.  If elected I would stand down from the group, my opposition to Viking Energy would not change, but the wind farm is only one issue of many facing us.  I have concerns with all of them and welcome you to contact me on your particular issues.


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